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We tend to see and believe, but what happens when we can't SEE? It doesn't mean things stop. Environmental issues, racial inequality, police brutality, unethical labor, exploitation, all crimes against humanity and our host planet Earth. Yet we stop paying attention when we can't SEE it happen.
I challenge you to SEE in the darkness and expose this REALITY. When we help each other SEE what we can't SEE, we will find the true UNSEEN REALITY.

By creating luminescent ice, I was able to expose the process of melting ice in the darkness.
800 ISO, 50MM, F/1.4, 1/25S
800 ISO, 50MM, F/1.4, 1/25S
1000 ISO, 50MM, F/1.4, 1/25S
1250 ISO, 50MM, F/1.4, 1/25S
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